‘Ban-moh’ Restaurant Review

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to get what you want. Tried this gem of a restaurant which opened a few weeks ago near home.


So I’m heading back home after work and I notice there is a new local Thai restaurant that’s just set up shop near home. I’ve been meaning to go check it out for a couple of weeks now and today is that day.

The menu cover. It does home delivery too. Groovy for me.

So first impressions. The restaurant comprises of two adjoining shop lots at the ground floor level. One bit is air-conditioned, and the other is open space. The weather has been getting super hot over the past few days so we opted for the air-conditioned space.

Decor was simple, but the lack of furnishings in the space made the room extremely prone to sound echo. Hello…ello …llo (insert echo sound effects here). Now that may not sound so bad but now imagine you were coughing, chewing loudly or burping. Oh man, the sound echo that would follow…..lol.

Bring on the food.

Pad Kapow, hands down my favourite Thai dish of all time. This fine specimen from Ban-moh was a worthy opponent, though not quite the best I’ve had the pleasure of devouring. This dish here will set you back THB 50.
Seafood keng som. A spicy, sour and tantalising Thai soup dish. This variation at the restaurant comprised of garden vegetables (which I haven’t really had before) and shrimp. Price for a big bowl was THB 80.

Food was good. Portion sizes were spot on and tasty. Prices were great too. But the ‘dining in’ experience was a bit disappointing. Though, if you only care about the food or get a takeaway / delivery, you won’t be disappointed.

My ratings are: Food 7.5/10, Price 9/10, Dining in experience 3/10. Overall score if you get a takeaway / delivery 8/10.

With reasonably cheap prices, good taste and so near to home, I can safely say I will be a regular visitor. 

‘Ban-moh’ is located on Srinakarin Road.

Jim Thompson House Museum and Restaurant

Had a lovely time at Jim Thompson’s museum and restaurant.

Despite the many many years that I’ve been living in Thailand, I have never visited the Jim Thompson house museum and restaurant. Of course I had heard about it but I never really had a desire to go check it out.

So on a whim and a mood for some randomness, we decided to go check it out once and for all and see what the big deal was all about.

First impressions, ‘Wow’. Despite the narrow road you need to drive down (alternatively walking distance from the National Stadium BTS), I was pleasantly surprised by this place.

First stop was the restaurant. The decor was very nice and the place was packed. Most of the clientele were foreign tourists but I noticed quite a number of local Thai tourists as well. 

The wifey and I at our table.

We ordered a variety of dishes. We got the green curry, mussaman curry, pomelo and shrimp salad and spicy chicken tenders.

jim thompson food restaurant
Food at the Jim Thompson Restaurant

The food was very tasty and authentic. It wasn’t all too spicy (understandably for the comfort of its international tourists) but ordering some chili and fish sauce as condiments soon sorted that out. Personally, I would give the following ratings:-
Atmosphere: 8.5/10, Food: 8/10, Food Selection: 5/10 (the menu was quite limited), Drink Selection: 8/10 (lots of nice looking cocktails), Price: 6/10 (though the food was good, it was kinda pricey but as expected for a tourist attraction). Would I come back here again? Probably, but not by myself. If we had guests visiting from abroad, definitely. 

Next up was the museum tour. Tickets were THB 150 and this is a mandatory guided tour. There were a variety of language options and the groups were circa 10 pax. 

Before the tour, we had a wander around the other free exhibitions. Some interesting, some, quite frankly, weird and creepy.

Creepy exhibition at Jim Thompson. Notice the hanging heads…
Not quite sure what is going on here…

Ok, so the tour begins. Unfortunately, you aren’t allowed to take photos inside the Jim Thompson house but thats ok. It was really interesting to see how the house was constructed and the historical stories of each room was intriguing. After the tour, we walked around and took a few pictures.

The exterior of one of the many houses at the Jim Thompson compound.
Lovely koi garden.
Huge frog / toad sunbathing on a lily pad.

There were also a few other things going on around the compound. There was nice air conditioned shop selling beautiful silk and other Jim Thompson products (I have to admit that I am a big fan of their silk printed pocket squares – that reminds me – that will be another blog post for the future. I am a pocket square fanatic), silk extraction, silk weaving, some traditional live Thai music and dancing and all sorts.

All in all, we spent about 3 hours and I have to frankly admit that I really enjoyed it. It is child friendly and overall a nice experience. Go check it out!