Malaysia Day 1.

Another quick trip to Malaysia but this time I’ll be taking notes on what I eat and see!


Had an early start to attend an ex-colleague’s wedding in Nakhon Nayok, Thailand which meant a speedy drive back to Bangkok in the afternoon and some last minute packing before flying off to Malaysia.

We were booked for Malaysia Airlines outbound and Thai Airways inbound on the way back (different airlines because of timing).

So the overall flight experience with Malaysia Airlines was ok. We were in Economy Class. It was a small plane which comprised of 3 seats on either side with a single aisle going down the middle. The entertainment console was ok (though the touch screen sensitivity setting was a bit off). Seats were appropriately sized and the staff were quite attentive, zipping up and down the aisle as they rushed about preparing refreshments and other errands.

The flight was a little over 2 hours so we had a main meal included (dinner). There was a choice of chicken and pasta or fish and rice. Being me, I went with the rice option.

Simple box presentation. You get a cup of water and your main meal. No sign of desserts, starters or other condiments here.

The taste was alright but it was definitely on the salty side. After meal drink options were also quite limited. I think Malaysia Airlines needs to sort themselves a bit in the catering part of the flight which I found quite pale in comparison to other Economy Class flights (excluding budget airlines). It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either.

Anyway, we landed safely at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. My wife’s mum and sister came to pick us up and drive us back home.

Before passing out for the night, we had a quick stop at the local Hokkien Mee restaurant. I didn’t eat anything. After reaching home, my mum-in-law gave me an iced homemade ‘Lo hon go’ drink (this is a herbal type of drink which I find quite refreshing – also good for suppressing coughs) and a hot bowl of clear chicken soup.

Iced ‘Lo hon go’ drink. Yummy.

I slept like a pig. I think by the time I got up it was already past noon. Had a quick egg tart before heading out with the in-laws for a visit to a seaside village next to Kuala Lumpur.

Egg Tarts are everywhere in Malaysia. Hmmm, may have to do an Egg Tart Review Blog next time.

So we made our way to Tanjung Karang in Kuala Selangor. This was about an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Our first stop was to pick up some seafood. There were quite a number of fisheries in the area – we ended up choosing Yu Soon Fishery. We got some fish and prawns.

Yu Soon Fishery.

The surrounding area of the fishery was kinda cool and I managed to get a few artistic photos.

Seth’s attempt at an artistic photo shot #1
Seth’s attempt at an artistic photo shot #2

So now armed with our fish and prawns, it was time to go eat. We went to ‘Restoran Suang Le River‘.

Very popular restaurant in the area. Be prepared for queues unless you drop by during non-peak times (ie: hours after lunch but before dinner).

We got our fish steamed and our prawns fried in butter. Also ordered steamed clams, fried battered squid, chili crab and noodles with clams.

Our feast!

The food was sooooooo good. Overall cost (including the purchase of the fish and prawns) came just under MYR 200. What a f*cking bargain.

We washed the food down with some chinese tea and Hungarian dessert wine (I know, random huh?).

With our bellies full, we went to visit a few of the local attractions. We paid a visit to a temple that was being refurbished.

This temple is dedicated to the Monkey God. They tried to make the exterior look like a cave.

At the temple car park, I noticed a car which had a very interesting repair job on their bumper. I thought the stitching was done quite well though I’m not so sure about its durability and safety.

Have you tried ‘stitching’ your bumper back together before?

Paid a visit to a roadside coconut vendor for some coconut juice. Refreshing.

She was very good at carving coconuts as you probably can tell from the picture above.

Then our last stop was a monkey / wildlife sanctuary. The monkeys were their usual curious selves but quite well behaved. The monkeys in Thailand can be very naughty and aggressive.

Monkeys to the left of me, monitor lizards to the right, here I am stuck in the middle with you.

So here I am, back at home and writing up this blog. May pop out later tonight for some late night ‘makan makan’ (Malaysian slang for ‘eating’) but I can hear the rain and thunder outside. Perhaps this is just a test…….haha.


‘Ban-moh’ Restaurant Review

Sometimes you don’t have to go very far to get what you want. Tried this gem of a restaurant which opened a few weeks ago near home.

So I’m heading back home after work and I notice there is a new local Thai restaurant that’s just set up shop near home. I’ve been meaning to go check it out for a couple of weeks now and today is that day.

The menu cover. It does home delivery too. Groovy for me.

So first impressions. The restaurant comprises of two adjoining shop lots at the ground floor level. One bit is air-conditioned, and the other is open space. The weather has been getting super hot over the past few days so we opted for the air-conditioned space.

Decor was simple, but the lack of furnishings in the space made the room extremely prone to sound echo. Hello…ello …llo (insert echo sound effects here). Now that may not sound so bad but now imagine you were coughing, chewing loudly or burping. Oh man, the sound echo that would follow…

Bring on the food.

Pad Kapow, hands down my favourite Thai dish of all time. This fine specimen from Ban-moh was a worthy opponent, though not quite the best I’ve had the pleasure of devouring. This dish here will set you back THB 50.
Seafood keng som. A spicy, sour and tantalising Thai soup dish. This variation at the restaurant comprised of garden vegetables (which I haven’t really had before) and shrimp. Price for a big bowl was THB 80.

Food was good. Portion sizes were spot on and tasty. Prices were great too. But the ‘dining in’ experience was a bit disappointing. Though, if you only care about the food or get a takeaway / delivery, you won’t be disappointed.

My ratings are: Food 7.5/10, Price 9/10, Dining in experience 3/10. Overall score if you get a takeaway / delivery 8/10.

With reasonably cheap prices, good taste and so near to home, I can safely say I will be a regular visitor. 

‘Ban-moh’ is located on Srinakarin Road.