Malaysia Day 2.

Another round of food and, well, more food in Malaysia.


So a new day beckons in the land of ‘makan’ (eating). Being consistent with my pig like abilities, this was another late slumber as I finally got out of bed around noon.

If you haven’t seen my blog on Malaysia Day 1, go check it out first.

Let’s get on with the food adventures.

Just before I was getting ready to sleep last night, my sister in law knocks on the door with some late night snacks. The wife was busy working on the laptop (I know we are supposed to be on holiday but work is always there, like a little bug eating away at the back of your brain). So naturally, and very unhealthily, we snacked. And when we woke up today, we snacked again before lunch.

Pan fried gooey yumminess. Though it was a little bit burnt, the snack on the left side quenched our late night stomach murmurs. The snack on the right side was a quick pick me up (crispy and savory). Delicious.

So what do you after snacking? Go and eat more of course! We headed off to my favourite ‘nasi lemak’ restaurant in Uptown. Now for those who don’t know, nasi lemak is a traditional malaysian dish comprising of a scented rice served with sambal, fried chicken, peanuts, cucumbers and other condiments to your liking.

Village Park Restaurant in Uptown. My favourite! Totally recommended. Lots of seating but always packed.
My plate of nasi lemak. They ran out of cockle rendang – oh well. But I come here for the fried chicken. It is simply out of this world. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, flavourful and juicy on the inside. Simply one of the best gastronomical experiences I have had.
Ordered a ‘Milo Dinosaur’ to wash it all down. Basically a sweet ice blended milo drink (cocoa and malt) with tons of milo dumped on the top for some texture and crunch as you sip away.

With our stomachs full, we went walking around the shops around Uptown. Whilst the wife and mum-in-law headed off for some shopping, I paid a visit to one of my favourite vape shops (Panda Vape – but perhaps more on this later in another blog).

Then we headed to a ‘pasar malam’ (night market) in SS2 for a stroll. I know its not yet night time but the shop vendors were just setting up.

Lots of stuff to see and buy. And definitely lots and lots of food and snacks.

After that, headed back home to rest for a couple of hours. Watched some Netflix (am watching ‘Designated Survivor’ at the moment – love it. Can’t help imagining Kiefer Sutherland breaking from his Presidential role into bad ass 24 Jack Bauer. Doubt it will ever happen but my fingers are crossed anyway). Then it was time to eat again.

Home cooked chicken rice prepared by my mum-in-law. Very popular dish in Asia generally but there are variations from country to country.

After wolfing all that down, we rested our bellies a bit more until it was time to go out for a few drinks at the local bar (there was a rather annoying hostess that kept trying to make the wife and I neck down our drinks – but I suppose she was a bit drunk and just doing her job). So what typically follows some beer? Late night mamak of course! My favourite, Nasi Kandar. This is a very popular Malaysian type of dish which is basically rice topped with your choice of different curries, meats and vegetables. The wife went for a roti (something like a fried dough pastry) served with some chicken curry.

I should not be eating this. I really should not. But its just so damn f*cking good.

And now I’m back home, regretting all the unnecessary calories I have injected my gut with and telling myself that I should wake up early and go for a run. I hope that happens. But then again, I was thinking the same thing last night and that did not go exactly to plan.