Iced Coffee and Jelly (a home experiment)

Inspired by a delicious iced coffee jelly I had the other day, we decided to try make one at home.


I love coffee. If you had read my blog about our recent trip to Vietnam, you would have easily picked up on that fact (considering half our trip was frequenting coffee shops!). I really love coffee.

Out of the very many coffee drinks that exist, one of my all time favourites is iced coffee and jelly. I’ve certainly ordered plenty of it from many coffee shops but I have never attempted making one at home. So let’s give it a try, for better or for worse!

I don’t have a fancy expresso machine (though I would definitely jump at the opportunity should one come about that doesn’t burst the bank), but we recently acquired a coffee moka pot. And in one of my favourite colours too! Sunburst orange. LOL. So this is how I went about it.

Put a bunch of your favourite ground coffee into the filter compartment and tamp down gently with a knife. Level it off. Pour hot water into the bottom canister, pop the filter compartment / funnel thingy on top and screw down the top portion of the moka pot (use gloves or a towel as it can get super hot). Place it on a stove and let it work its magic (make sure the flames don’t flow over the bottom of the pot otherwise you may burn the handle or damage the outer finishing!). When the water starts boiling, you will see lovely waterfall drips of coffee spurting out from the inner spout of the upper pot. 

Did not quite get enough crema but I will experiment more next time with different coffee beans and coffee amounts.

Whilst all this is going on, slice up some jelly and put into a tall glass (store bought but I will try making my own jelly with coffee next time!).

Store bought jelly. Boring I know.

Fill the glass halfway up with some ice cubes. 

I know this is a pint glass. But hey, more coffee right?

Froth up some cold milk. I have a small stainless steel one. 

This ‘milk frother’ is basically like a cafetiere. You pump it up and down and it introduces a ton of air bubbles into the milk and you get thick, frothy and creamy milk.

Boil some brown sugar with a tiny bit of water in a pot. This will be the syrup for some sweetness.

Now to combine everything. Pour the coffee slowly, ontop of the ice cubes so that it cools down without melting the jelly too quickly.

Hello beautiful. Sexy, aromatic and delicious waterfall of vietnamese coffee. Yummy!

Followed by the frothy milk.

Blankets and waves of fluffy milk.

Then add the brown sugar syrup to taste.

I’m no expert but this is looking good!

And voila! Serve with a long spoon and straw.

Success! Tastes great too! Yahoo! I’m not a failure!

It was a success. Tasted great and totally satisfying. Now that the wifey and I have finished our big glasses, I may have to make some more!

Give it a go. And if you have any tips or suggestions, comment below!