Wanton and Tong Yuen (special edition – or stupid?) Home Cooking

Give this a go. I dare you!


A few months ago the wifey and I decided to prepare some Wantons and Tong Yuen.

So we have made these two dishes before. But this time round there was a bit of a twist / surprise.

Firstly, the Wantons were straightforward enough. We could have made our own wanton wrappers but could not be bothered lol so we settled on some ore made ones from the supermarket. The stuffing was a mixture of minced pork, diced Chinese cabbage, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and spring onions. Once again, i had forgotten the exact measurements so I ended up eyeballing the whole thing (which always results in minor variations in taste and texture). Mixed the whole lot in a bowl and wrapped them up in lots and lots of wanton wrappers.

This delightful mixture is very fragrant. But don’t eat it raw!

Sealing the wanton mixture into each wrapper was a bit of a challenge and you needs lots of practice (well, I certainly needed the practice anyway!). The key was to put the right amount of mixture in without bursting the packets when you seal them. Then to get a good seal, I just used a dab of water on the edges. After a long while, you end up with this.

Army Squad 1 of wantons

And this.

Army Squad 2 of wantons

Now whilst I was preparing these, the wife was making the Tong Yuen from scratch. For those who don’t know, Tong Yuen is a Chinese dessert that is little gooey dumplings stuffed with sesame / bean paste and served in a bowl of hot ginger soup. It kind of looks likes this. All good so far.

Looks ok but…


….instead of sesame seeds or bean paste, she experimented with…..


Yes. Those are f*cking maltesers. Now, you would have thought chocolate would be an acceptable alternative for the stuffing. In most part, it was actually ok. But what made it kinda gross was the biscuity centre which was all kinds of hell. Soggy, tough, chewy and sometimes a little bit crunchy.

Good luck trying to convince yourself that this tastes good!

Not as appealing as it sounds! Anyway, after munching, chewing, grinding (or whatever you need to do to get these into your stomach), we were left with tons of leftovers. These made yummy snacks (and now I’m only talking about the Wantons!) for the next couple of days. The Wantons were prepared by boiling them in a small pot of water mixed with sesame oil and soy sauce.

Too much. There’s just too much.

For those who have plenty of left overs, take care when storing them. Leave a little bit of space inbetween the Wantons and store in a fridge. We screwed up before by squeezing them all into a plate and put them one on top of the other. After putting them in the fridge or freezer, it is extremely difficult to pry them apart withoit a few wanton casualties. Alternatively, you can pack servings of say 10 Wantons in a sandwich bag. 

Give it a go. I dare you (and now I’m talking about the Frankenstein Tong Yuen). Mua ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Author: sethleong

Hi. My name is Seth and I love taking pictures and writing about food, travels and random stuff.

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