Germany and Austria – beer and food!

Work hard, play hard.


Yes ok, this was a business trip but who says you can’t find some time to unwind as well?

So last month, I had to go to Germany and Austria. Flew Etihad Airways so there was a stop over in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Decent airline though I still could not fall asleep.

The weather in Thailand was beginning to get hot so it was a nice change to land in Europe with relatively much cooler temperatures.

Look at the blue sky. I’m so jealous of my previous self now.

So the first night was at Hotel Augusta in Augsburg. Small room but comfortable enough for a good night’s rest. But not yet. Time for some food and beer.

Went for a stroll near the local fruit and vegetable market. The strawberries were f*cking awesome. Washed them down with some nice beer at the town square.

Big, juicy and tart. Fantastic strawberry.
A walk around the city square.

Had dinner at the Osteria Albero Verde. A German / Italian restaurant serving great steaks in a beautiful old building. 

The hotel breakfast was quite nice. Breakfast was a buffet of cold cuts, breads and a small selection of hot foods. More than enough to kick-start the day right.

Stuffed to the brim and ready for productivity!

Lovely platter of pastries and cold cut sandwiches for quick lunch.

Aren’t they simply georgous?

Off to Munich! Some familiar sights and sounds from my previous trips here.

Selfie time at Marienplatz.

When in Munich, do as the locals do. Have a nice beer and do some people watching.

I could totally be a full time people watcher!

Had dinner at the Augustiner restaurant. Superb food and great atmosphere.

One of my all time favourites. Liver dumpling soup. Hot, hearty and wholesome.
Suckling Pork Roast!
Yummylicious beer.

And of course the pretzels. Oh my gosh. The salted pretzels. I want one right now damn it! So freaking good.

I really want a pretzel now.

Woke up early and had breakfast hotel. Another lovely buffet.

Needless to say I was very full.

Headed off to Austria straight after. Beautiful blue skies and cool weather. Great driving conditions. Next meal was a quick working lunch.

Sausages and pastries galore.

Stayed at Hotel Attersee. Beautiful view of the lake from my room.

Taken from my room balcony. What a view eh?

And of course next up was dinner. Yummy.

Boiled beef. Yumm. Beefy.

Followed by a lovely dessert.

Spatzle! Waffle pancake thingy with powdered sugar and steawberries.

Had a great sleep after. In the morning, had another nice breakfast and headed off to the airport back to Bangkok.


As much as I really enjoyed the German and Austrian food and beers, I missed spicy Thai food and rice.

After landing back in Bangkok, I couldn’t help myself and got a plate of hot stuff before heading back home.

Kapau Moo Korb a.k.a. rice topped with stir fried basil and crispy pork at Lee Cafe restaurant in Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Until next time. Ciao.

Author: sethleong

Hi. My name is Seth and I love taking pictures and writing about food, travels and random stuff.

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