20170415 Ho Chi Minh

We fly back tomorrow morning so have got to make the most out of today in Ho Chi Minh.


Another late morning but what the hey, we are on holiday! Screw the alarm clock. After breakfast at the hotel, we made our way into Benh Thanh market (aka Ben Ten – well, thats how I pronounce it anyway).

A lot of souvenirs and stuff to buy. Don’t buy from the first shop you see – visit a few and as you walk away, the vendors drop their prices like crazy. Then you will have a better gauge about what is considered to be the market price.

Settled on this beautiful large decorative plate. We were quoted 1.2m VD but ended up with one at 290k VD. I’m sure you could squeeze the price down lower but I was ok with that.

Had some lunch in the market as well.

Bowl of pho was about 60k VD. Pricey, but what is there to expect in a market filled with tourists?

A bowl of Bun Mam noodles at 60k VD. Ouch. Not cheap but at least it was very tasty.

Had some great coffee at Trung Nguyen opposite the Benh Tenh market. Cup of the special legend coffee was 150k VD, a cup of latte with jelly was 59k, and 500g of ground coffee (Sangtao 8) was about 402k VD.

Cafe Latte with Jelly 59k VD.

Decided to rest the legs a bit today. Took a taxi to the Emperor Jade Temple from our hotel which was about 60k VD. 

Entry was free.

After the temple, we went walking around and stumbled across this corner restaurant selling roast duck and chicken. Lovely.

Roast duck restaurant near the Jade Emperor temple. Not a tourist in sight which must be a good sign!

Lovely meal. Half a roast duck 130k VD. One whole chicken baked in bread / crackling? 270k VD. Didn’t order because it was too big of a portion.

Stopped by a dessert place. Ordered a Che.

Che. Dessert drink with assorted fruits and nuts. Sweet and refreshing. 17k VD.

Taxi to 718 Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, 1, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam (grab car) 81k VD.

Our next stop was a famous dessert place called Quán Chè Hiển Khánh. 

Bowl of sweet syrup with fruit, glass of sago puree and some various snacks 53k VD.

We then tried to find the ‘oldest coffee shop’ nearby but it was shut for the day already.

Settled on another coffee shop nearby. Cafe Tram.

Ordered a cookies and cream coffee. 33k VD.

And finally, the highlight of the day. Went walking through narrow alley ways that peeked through the local’s houses to find this place.

Nice walk through the small alley ways. It was an interesting insight into the locals’ routine as they headed home after work.

We arrived at our destination. The famous Dao Snail Restaurant! Wow. What a great place. Packed with locals. 

Had snails, scallops, octopus, razor clams and beers. 384k VD. Bargain.

With our stomachs full, we walked back towards our hotel to wash up and rest for a little bit. 

Popped into a local massage place to soothe the aches and pains from all our walking. Foot massage for one hour was 220k VD per person. The masseurs expect tips from 50k – 100k so be prepared.

And our last stop of the night. Lets have more noodles by the street!

Simple, authentic and delicious. Dining with the locals this way was really quite enjoyable.

A bowl of noodles was about 50k VD.

And that’s it folks! Time to head back to the hotel, pack and sleep. Tomorrow we fly back to Bangkok. Ciao. 

Author: sethleong

Hi. My name is Seth and I love taking pictures and writing about food, travels and random stuff.

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