20170413 Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh

Bright lights, good food and Pho everywhere. We must be in Vietnam!


It’s Songkran in Thailand which means either a choice of staying in Bangkok to enjoy the festivities and easy going traffic or a quick trip outside Thailand. This time round, we decided on Ho Chi Minh. 

‚ÄčIt was a late night packing session. Not quite sure why I always take so long. In my mind, it is always simple, straightforward and quick. I can visualise it from start to end. The reality ends up being quite different. I tend to get caught up with what to pack and what not to pack. I put things in my bag then take them out. I think I have packed enough, but I always want some contingency so I throw in a few extra sets of stuff. Then I will start to think I’ve packed too much and then take some stuff out again. Arggh. Anyhoo, after packing, finally dozed off to sleep.

Was supposed to have an early start but got up at 10am. Whoops. After a quick wash up, the wifey and I were ready to head to the airport.

After checking in, we had plenty of time. I was paranoid that there would be massive queues at the airport which didn’t turn out to be the case. So we had a casual wander around the airport and had some lunch.

 Lunch at the airport and last minute booking of the hotel!

Though there was a minor delay in boarding, the cute and bizarre uniforms that our air stewardesses wore were entertaining (not the bikini airlines mind you!). We flew Vietjetair.

An hour and a half later, we landed in Ho Chi Minh. Took a shuttle limo to the hotel (10 USD). We stayed at the Zoolut Hotel in District 1. The hotel and rooms were nice, though our room had no window! That was a first. On the other hand, it was a large and clean room, recently renovated so that was a plus as far as I was concerned. 

After settling down and a quick wash up, we went to Benh Thanh Street Food. A beer was about 25k VD.Benh Thanh Street Food. An assortment of hawker food stalls. Lots of tourists so a bit pricey and not so authentic. But we were hungry and this was really close by.

Salad noodle 50k VD.

Pancake. Crispy on the outside and soft chewy goodness on the inside 75k VD.

With our bellies half full, we went exploring and ended up at Tan Lap. Can of pepsi at 20k VD and local beer at 20k VD. Pho noodle 50k VD.

Fried frog in butter 95k VD.

We made our way through Benh Thanh market (street side) towards river.Walking the streets late at night was a breeze. Lighting was very good and not once did I feel unease or fear. Pretty safe so far.

Coffee at Coffee Cowboy infront of the river. About 25-30k VD per cup.

Quiet stroll along the river. Alot of couples sneaking in kisses on the river facing benches.

Feeling blur and satisfied. Time to call it a night. Sweet dreams and ciao.

Author: sethleong

Hi. My name is Seth and I love taking pictures and writing about food, travels and random stuff.

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